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Books: Sisters in Time

These fictional accounts span almost the entire history of America.  This series is for ages 8-12.

Sarahs New World
Sarah Smythe has lived in Holland her entire life. But that's about to change. Her parents are taking her and her brother, John, on a journey to America - the New World - with plans to stay permanently. Sarah must leave behind the town, the home, and the friends she loves, for an uncertain and dangerous new life across the ocean. What does her future in America hold? How will she adjust to life w
Our Price: $4.99
Lydia The Patriot
Twelve-year-old Lydia Lankford lives in a Boston that's occupied by more than four thousand British soldiers. Like many in eighteenth-century America, she wants to live free of English interference - and she taunts the soldiers whenever she can. Lydia's brother, Stephen, worries that she may go too far. When a mob of colonists surrounds a small squad of British soldiers, shots ring out - and five
Our Price: $4.99
Betsys River Adventure
Thirteen-year-old Betsy Miller is shocked when her parents decide to move from their home in Boston to the rugged frontier city of Cincinnati. They'll take a difficult, weeks-long journey by boat down the Ohio River. If that's not bad enough, Betsy's annoying cousin George is also making the trip - with his equally annoying dog. Why does she have to leave Boston and the friends she has there? What
Our Price: $4.99
Mandy The Outsider
Ten-year-old Mandy McMichael doesn't fit in at her new school in Seattle. She's very smart, but the "in crowd" teases her so much she decides to play dumb just to quiet their taunts. Then there's her friendship with a Japanese family - and in 1939, with the world on the brink of war, hers is not a popular position. Mandy must find the balance between her desire for acceptance and her need to do r
Our Price: $4.99
Rachel And The Riot
Let the Sisters in Time series take you back to 1889 where you may find that Rachel Borland isn't that much different than you! Perfect for girls ages 8-12 Intriguing stories of History and Faith Characters overcome personal challenges Covers Seventeenth to Twenthieth Centuries this story deals with the labor movement.
Our Price: $4.99
Maria Takes A Stand
When the Minneapolis twelve-year-old learns of the effort to give women the right to vote, she takes up the cause. It's not easy, though - besides the friction the "suffragettes" face, Maria fears the threats her father, a union officer, is receiving. And with a new war going on in Europe, her German-sounding surname brings her added trouble. Maria must overcome her personal hardships to serve a
Our Price: $4.99
Carries Courage : Battling The Powers Of Bigotry
For ten-year-old Carrie Moe, friendship with a Jewish immigrant is perfectly normal. So why are many of her other friends uptight about that? Sadly, in 1924, bigotry is a powerful force in society-so much so, that the white-robed members of the Ku Klux Klan plot violence against Jews. Carrie's Courage is the story of a young girl who stands up for a friend in the face of persecution. Using actual
Our Price: $4.99
Elise The Actress
With the nation convulsed by civil war, Elise Brannon wants people to look past the depressing news that arrives daily from the battlefields: Through her love of acting, she'll make them laugh and forget-at least for awhile. But even her optimism is challenged when a family friend dies from battle wounds. . .she's captured by a band of deserters. . .and President Lincoln is assassinated. Elise the
Our Price: $4.99
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